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Posted by DBeavers, Thu Aug-30-07 01:55 PM
The Taqueria sounds like the way to go with the ready market you have there. It would help if you could hire at least a couple of those migrant workers to prepare food and take orders.

Go authentic - Flautas, Taquitos, Quesadillas, Fajitas, etc.

The fryers will work for the flautas and taquitos, but you'll also need a grill for the meats and warming the tortillas. If the nearby market doesn't make fresh flour tortillas on site, you might consider hiring one of the migrant workers to mix up the Masa Harina and make the flour tortillas from scratch, while the customers watch if possible.

A simple dessert would be Soppapillas grilled in the fryer, but not in grease that has any meat flavor in it. Serve these up fresh with small squeeze bottles of honey, with a shaker of cinnamon/sugar mix for the customers to sprinkle on for themselves.

See about stocking fresh tamales made by the migrant population (their kitchen has to pass the usual health inspection) and offer them both as side items and for carry-out by the dozen.

Dennis Bevers
Gringo and native-born Texan

Keep the menu inexpensive, and you'll never run out of migrant clients.