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325, where you taking my kid?
Posted by MarlinCreek, Thu Oct-26-06 06:54 PM
I think the idea has merit... but as a parent I'd have some concern related to how they get to where they are going. Loading up a group of kids in a bus or van always exposes them to additional dangers.

You might want to look at an activity based program that brings the activities to them.

There's a place around here called The MudPie Co. that offers paint it yourself ceramics. Over the summer they had weekly programs for kids that usually involved some sort of story and then painting ceramics.

If you could team up with something similar... you could offer half day activities where other businesses come in to lead the program.

Plus, the $10/ half day is cheap... go ahead and bump it up some. Remember, you could be offering a safe and educational place for kids to be while the parents did what they needed.

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