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Topic subjectRE: Have you tried 1/2day daycare cultural classes?
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262, RE: Have you tried 1/2day daycare cultural classes?
Posted by hmueller, Tue Oct-17-06 01:44 PM
>Has anyone done this or heard of doing this... I would like
>to start holding morning and afternoon sessions for 2, 3 and
>4year olds to meet maybe 3 times a week. Instead of just
>playing the usual, this would be structured things everyday
>like getting them out and about say library readings, museums,
>childrens concerts, a cooking class, pumpkin pickings etc.
>Have it be more of out and about, learning and fun and new
>activities. This probably would not be for working parents
>because of the part-timeness, but for moms who want a few
>mornings free a couple days of the week. It would not be
>expensive either perhaps $10 a day per child for a 9-12:30 or
>a 1:30 - 5:00. I would have an assistant and only 5 or 6 kids
>per session. I enjoy planning outings andk things especially
>for kids and I think it would be fun and something different.
>Didn't quite have the finals on how to advertise this, its not
>daycare, and not kids play, what do you think......

This sounds like a great idea, I wish someone in my area would offer this opportunity for moms who need just a few hours a day for either work or alone time. Most in-home day cares in my area only take children on a full time basis. Being a part-time professor I need someone who is flexible and part-time. As for the ages you may have to take children a little younger, most children at the ages of 3 and 4 are enrolled in pre-school, depending on the area in which you live, you may want to advertise it as an alternative to a pre-school.

Good luck it sounds like a great idea!