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Topic subjectHave you tried 1/2day daycare cultural classes?
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149, Have you tried 1/2day daycare cultural classes?
Posted by cheryl lynn, Sat Sep-09-06 04:35 PM
Has anyone done this or heard of doing this... I would like to start holding morning and afternoon sessions for 2, 3 and 4year olds to meet maybe 3 times a week. Instead of just playing the usual, this would be structured things everyday like getting them out and about say library readings, museums, childrens concerts, a cooking class, pumpkin pickings etc. Have it be more of out and about, learning and fun and new activities. This probably would not be for working parents because of the part-timeness, but for moms who want a few mornings free a couple days of the week. It would not be expensive either perhaps $10 a day per child for a 9-12:30 or a 1:30 - 5:00. I would have an assistant and only 5 or 6 kids per session. I enjoy planning outings andk things especially for kids and I think it would be fun and something different. Didn't quite have the finals on how to advertise this, its not daycare, and not kids play, what do you think......