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1464, Validate my new portal
Posted by vijaya, Fri Jul-27-07 01:28 AM

I have released the beta version of my company's portal and
would like as much feedback as I can get. This is a paradigm
shift in the way current portals work. This portal is a social
networking portal through which one can

Sell/buy items on a garage sale in their neighborhood
Maintain friends' and relatives' anniversaries
Avail a personal finance tool to save and grow income
Network within their neighborhood, their interest group etc
Get guidance on vacation spots depending on one's budget,
time, and choice of interest
Place an ad for one's skilled services (electrical, plumbing,
driving etc) for availability and requirement
Show case one's talents (painting, photography, dolls, candles
etc) or buy unique items that you may not fin in shops
Attend classes for special exams, yoga, dance, music etc
Get counseling help for personal, education, finance, health
Plan one's day more efficiently
Maintain personal / medical journal
Kids section

The portal address is

Since this is a beta version, only bare-bone content is built
and the screen navigation may appear rough. It does require
little experience of working on computer applications. The
production version is being constructed now with all the web
formats and graphics and sponsors' ad links. 

This feed back is mainly to get feed back on the features.

Thanks in advance for all your help in evaluating my portal.