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Posted by lewgard08, Fri Jul-27-07 04:34 AM
Congrats. on your new site! I like it!

Here are a few of my suggestions, please take them as constructive advice, I don't mean to hurt any feelings:

1) I feel that people don't like to scroll down to find a navigation menu. Perhaps you can shift things around a bit and reduce the size of the top images so the left-hand menu is closer to the top of the page - so scrolling is not necessary.

2) What is the purpose of the individual items (under your savings coupon)? Are these specials, or popular items? Maybe you can put a colorful, bold heading above these items, stating they are "HOT PICKS" or something of that nature. Something to grab your visitor's attention.

3)I think you should more prominantly display your Products link. I suggest, in addition to your left-hand navigation manu, having a vertical nav. menu between your "featured product of the month image / logo and the main content of the page. This vertical menu can contain the links for Products, Promos, Contact, Home.

4) OK, now on to SEO. Your <title> tag can suggest more about your products. I assume you did some keyword research and determined the words / phrases people type into search engines to find sites such as yours. Use some of these keywords in your <title> tag, but keep it brief.

5) Use your keywords in the content. The main paragraph on your index page should contain your keywords, but don't over do it. Just write a paragraph or two about your products, incorporating your keywords in a manner that still reads well. Remember...people scan, they seldom read. Search Engines read.

That's it for now. Best of luck and keep up the great work.

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