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Posted by uhfmag, Wed Jul-25-07 08:21 AM
Your site does look nice. A couple of suggestions:

The free shipping for 100.00 doesn't state the currency (no dollar sign, notice, and if there were the same symbol is used in some other countries). Only by digging down could I discover that it has to be in US dollars, since you don't ship outside the US.

The section on shipping is a problem, because it has no real information: prices vary by size of order and zip code. Customers want to be able to predict what an order will cost. You may want to set up a policy of "rough justice," where shipping price is uniform at least for the continental US, despite the fact that shipping to some places will cost a little more (that's the way we've done it on our own on-line store). You should make it plainer that you don't ship internationally, possibly even on your home page. Even some big companies don't get this right.

But come to think of it, why DON'T you ship internationally? It's a big world, and you might find a lot of customers in Canada, the UK, continental Europe, Australia, etc. Shipping internationally is not the hassle you might think.