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Posted by corrieann67, Sat Jul-14-07 05:36 PM
I like the idea of combining the two ideas (and possibly expanding with others as you see what your clients need. Here's what I would do. Offer to speak at a chamber of commerce meeting. Don't do this to solicit business, but offer advice on how to get organized (for tax season, or some other focus, etc.) Also offer advice on how entrepreneurs can save time and energy by outsourcing things like errands, etc. Again, don't outright solicit for business. At the end of your presentation tell the audience that you will have a raffle for a free book (make it on a topic that you are presenting about and one your audience will resonate with). They fill out a simple entry form to enter (collect name, name of business, telephone and email at a minimum....address is bonus). On the bottom of the entry form write something like. "Thank you for entering the raffle. You will receive a complimentary issue of the 'name of your e-newsletter.' You may unsubscribe at any time." Put this in a smaller type on the form, but you are still advising them that you will follow-up with an email (your ezine). Also, you now have their contact information, with a contact person's name for business follow-up.

Oh, just got another thought. I'd suggest that you offer an enewsletter (ezine) to everyone. Offer organizing tips, etc. In each newsletter make it clear what your organization offers and include all the info on how to get started using your services.

You could become known as the "go to" person in your town for small businesses. I'd also suggest to you that you investigate on how to be a virtual assistant (there are online schools that have great curriculum to teach you the ropes if you don't have administrative/secretarial skills). This is a huge market right now. Small business owners need help and there is nothing better than having a virtual assistant available to them on an hourly basis (VAs charge anywhere from $30-75 an hour, depending on the services they offer.

Good luck!