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Posted by ZeroGCreative, Tue Jun-05-07 01:01 PM
My motto is never take advice from anyone who hasn't done it them selves!! If you famly and friend shave ever owned or started a business them selves, then how do they know if it can work or not!! Ask them for their support, but take advice from people who have the same interest (owning businesses) and goals as you do.

I think your business is a great idea!! Time is getting very important to people so they are willing to pay someone else to run their errands, do their grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions, etc just so they have some down time! I know what my time is worth and if I can find someone to run errands for me I would be willing to pay them just so I have extra time with my kids!!

Where are you based??

Good Luck, you can really go far with this business idea!!