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1230, Input on start up ideas
Posted by findingdetails, Wed Aug-26-09 01:07 AM
I think I may have nailed two very possible start up ideas, looking for some additional feedback. I am considering an Organizing Business (Home or Office) I am very detail oriented and very organized (more so at work). I was wondering if this type of business would work in a smaller community area. I do not know of anyone that provides this service at this time.

Another thought for a business to start would be an errand service, (excluding transportation of individuals due to liability costs) Again I live in a smaller community and I do not know of anyone that does this service in our area at this time. Again I would probably focus on running errand and sitting waiting for repairman or service people to come while people are at work and unable to do this stuff during their work hours.

I would appreciate any additional input on these ideas and whether or not these are feasible businesses to start in a smaller community. Let me know.

Thank you,