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Posted by bizdev, Fri Jan-19-07 04:53 AM
For those of you Baby Boomers out there...
Are you beginning to wonder about your impending retirement? Are you ready to slow down and take it easy or are you not quite as prepared financially as you had hoped?

Will you be in need of more income than the social security you hope will still be around when you need it?

As is being widely reported lately, Baby Boomers are expected to start up their own small businesses in record numbers. They are coming to the realization that they either want to or will need to continue bringing in an income, but they don't want to hold down yet another job.

Working from home is a great option! You can even start now, before actually retiring, and build up your new business slowly, on the side. By the time you are ready to leave the work force, your own little business can be up and running and generating a nice little income.

Want ideas or more information? Look here: