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896, Working from Home vs. Work-at-home
Posted by DBeavers, Sat Aug-08-15 10:53 PM
People frequently use the phrase work-at-home in describing both jobs and business opportunities.

I like to focus on working From home - as I have a home-based business and an dedicated office in my home. But, a lot of my business is outside the home, as I call on many of my local and regional clients in person.

As of last week, I can now include working from the hospital, where I spent two days with my wife while they were running various tests and procedures. The procedures were successful and she is recuperating at home.

But, while sitting in her hospital room last week, I received an email for 5 orders from an established client, and I was able to get online and draft up the orders. I only needed to return to my office a mile away to generate the art files and attach them to the different orders. The client needed Hand Sanitizer, Jar Openers, Magnetic Memo Clips, and Bandage Dispensers with her hospital logo on them.

These orders are in addition to the Auto Sun Shades, Flashlights, Tote Bags, Ink Pens, Umbrellas, Presentation Folders, and Desk Pad Calendars she has ordered recently.

So in addition to working from home, I was able to complete over $5000 in orders for an out-of-state client in Texas who I'll visit Monday as I head to Houston on an overnight sales trip.

We taken care of many clients' needs while traveling for business as well as vacation in recent years, including while touring Ireland, but this is the first time doing business in the hospital.

It's even better than the $5000 volume sounds as the customer also ask for me to suggest additional items to promote the hospitals she work for. I've already got two ideas to offer her Monday, but don't expect any problem finding more options as the promo industry has over 900,000 different items that can carry the hospital name and logo.

And who knows, I may be able to write some orders for the local hospital when I meet with the finance people on scheduling payments for my wife's visit.

While processing orders from the hospital is a new experience, it's just one example of my success "Working from Home" over the past 31 years.

Who knows what other unusual circumstances will occur in the next 30 years before my projected retirement.

898, RE: Working from Home vs. Work-at-home
Posted by Laura123, Mon Sep-21-15 07:47 AM
Then, if I am engaged in e-commerce, I am working at home. Am I right?
Or is it somehing else?
Laura Walley
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899, RE: Working from Home vs. Work-at-home
Posted by ToryKa, Wed Sep-23-15 03:11 AM
Don't you know whether you are working at home? Now I'm confused :(
901, RE: Working from Home vs. Work-at-home
Posted by DBeavers, Fri Sep-25-15 01:26 AM
>Don't you know whether you are working at home? Now I'm
>confused :(

I work at home as needed, but many weeks, I'll spend more working hours outside the home calling on clients in SW Louisiana and SE Texas from Beaumont to Houston.

So I work 'from' home.

I believe a lot of people casually throw around the 'work at home' label when in reality many mean work from home.

My office is in a spare bedroom, but I can work from virtually anywhere, my wife's hotel room, the side of the road, or in my client's place of business.

I hope that clears it up.