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Posted by DBeavers, Thu Oct-23-14 08:52 PM

I do earn override income for recruiting/sponsoring other dealers who sign on with Kaeser & Blair, Inc.

I did write my original response for those who are interested in becoming distributors in general. Promotional advertising is a great marketplace, and it can be down without signing with K & B, however, for those who plan on doing the business while traveling, I highly recommend they partner with K & B as it will ease some of the burdend associated with the business.

I'd be delighted in writing this as a blog. I have some experience in operating the business while on the road, as my wife and I have done a substantial volume of our business while on vacation over the past two years.

We have made three to four trips to South Carolina for each of the past two years, since our oldest son and his family relocated there 28 months ago. Using an iPad, my wife has submitted orders while we are flying down the Interstate highways (and some byways) at 45 to 75 mph. There are additional challenges to operating away from the home office, and it makes me more respectful of the advantages we enjoy with Kaeser & Blair.

The K & B opportunity is for Independent Agents, paying excellent commissions with bonuses available. There are no daily, weekly, or monthly quotas and no minimum order requirements with them, however some of our approximately 4000 suppliers have minimum order requirements.

There are also no sales territories, just the basic restriction that the opportunity is available for U.S. residents only. I've written orders for customers in almost all of the 50 states, including one or two that shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

This is our full-time occupation, but many K & B dealers are only part-timers, so this can work well for the RVers as well as any who are just looking for a home-based business.

You can email me via my "Contact" page, just look for the Bass.


Dennis Bevers

>Hi Dennis,

>Very nicely explained. Do you make any money on recruiting?
>Are you talking about one specific company to work for, or are
>you talking about being a rep in general?
>Either way, would you be interested in rewriting the above as
>a guest blog? I do a blog for RVers who travel part and full
>time. If this is something they could do while traveling
>around the country, or living full-time in an RV, this may be
>the answer for some of my readers.
>The reason I ask is that my time is over-committed because I'm
>re doing all of my courses in genealogy and working from home
>as video courses. This is very time consuming,taking about six
>to eight weeks per course, and there are 14 of them.
>So, I'm recruiting some guest bloggers to provide good content
>and giving them a chance to promote their opportunities in the
>process. Most of my readers are people who want to go into
>business independently, some as external employees, but most
>as independent contractors or sales reps of one sort or
>If interested, just reply here and I'll figure out how to get
>in touch with out either of us getting spammed.