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Posted by AdHocGroup, Thu Oct-16-14 05:44 PM
Hi Pens87, We needed a way to make extra income while full-time RVing. Since I'd worked from home since 1977 I looked into the ways we could do this and came up with quite a few. But I ended up creating an entire business out of either writing business startup manuals or promoting other reliable ones. I do mostly writing and video courses, but there are lots of other ways to earn money. One of my favorites was to teach CPR and First Aid as an American Heart Association Instructor. That's pretty easy on your heart and pretty stress-free. There are ways to do this as a mobile business, too.

Anyway, I made up a list of self-employment niches for my students to consider. There are about 500 here, and still I know I've missed a bunch. But look this over and note what you can do. Then you have to figure out how to determine if there is enough business in the one(s) you like to support you, or if you'll need to do several things.

Good luck, and don't give up.