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Topic subjectPlease fill out survey for home business owners
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829, Please fill out survey for home business owners
Posted by Nixx11, Sun Mar-17-13 10:11 AM
Hi, I am a business student and I am doing a report on home-based businesses.


Please answer the following questions and return the completed survey to the person who gave it to you. All information will be confidential and used only for class project examining the information of starting or owning a home-based business for a particular business.

1. What is your major

2. Rank: (if still in school)
First Year _________
Sophomore (2nd Yr of College) _________
Junior (3rd Yr) _________
Senior (last Yr) _________

3. How interested are you in owning or starting up your own home-based business
_________ Very Interested
_________ Somewhat Interested
_________ Not Interested

4. Have you started a home business?

______ Yes ______ No (Skip to question 9)

5. What business are you in? (Ex. A computer repair technician)


6. How much money did you generate the first year of business
(Approximate hourly rate, before taxes)


7. Approximately how much did it cost to start a home business?


8. How successful was it when you started your home-based business?

__________ Very Successful
__________ Somewhat Successful
__________ Not Successful

9.How important is each of the following criteria in choosing to start a home business. please choose very impt, somewhat impt or not impt.
a.Money b.Location near where you
live now
c.Building Connections
d.Gaining Experience
e.Education degree
f.Is family important when
considering a home business
g.Entrepreneur ability

10.What home-business would you be interested in starting
________ Accounting (bookkeeping)
________ Computer repair technician
________ Massage therapist
________ Daycare
________ Other (please explain)

11. I invite any other comments you would like to make regarding home-based business

Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.