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Posted by DBeavers, Thu Mar-08-12 10:37 AM
Unless you are doing the "home assembly" for a local business, you may find yourself on the short end of a very common scam.

Searching the internet for home assembly may open your inbox for lots of potential scams. It doesn't matter whether you look at soldering electronic components or sewing crafts, stuffed animals, or dolls, those have all been common products that scammers have used to fleece hopeful workers out of money for a sample test package.

Typing jobs may be found through where the site collects a fee for each job you find through them. Plenty of potential opportunities for one-time typing - not sure about any for long-term applications.

You might do better with some home-based selling, with the prospect of actually making some face-to-face sales calls from appointments you set from home.

That's someone of a description of the business I started 27 years ago, selling custom-printed promotional advertising (Ex: ink pens, coffee mugs, golf balls, shirts, caps, jackets, and more with customer's name/logo on them). If you are in a medium to larger size city, there could be a lot of potential for growth there, that could lead to a permanent business.

If interested in looking into the promotional advertising sales I can help you.

Or you can check out this link to a checklist to evaluate virtually any business opportunity -

Hope this helps.

Dennis Bevers