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Posted by DBeavers, Tue Dec-06-11 05:04 AM
The first reply you received was correct - Look for a commission-only salesperson (or two). I've been self-employed since 1987 on a full-time basis, selling on commission.

Depending on the demand for your products/services in your local market, a commission sales person might do very well.

Not knowing what they will be selling, the price points, what kind of commission you could offer, and the likelihood of repeat business, I can't speculate of how well they could do. But, if you can show them some reasonable numbers for potential income, you might not have any problem.

However, you may have to target baby-boomers, as commission-only income and the prospects of a sales career doesn't work well for many in Generation X, Y, and Next.

You might also re-evaluate your position about not being able to handle sales. I have a top associate who swore she couldn't sell her way out of a paper bag. When she decided to get into my field, she created her own website and positioned herself as a consultant, offering to assist people with finding the right products to meet their needs. And she is able to do it with no face-to-face meetings, and even relocated hours away without disrupting her business.

Good luck in finding the right person to grow your business.