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Posted by NaimaLynah, Wed Feb-09-11 01:42 PM
>I have a number of business that I can offer to you to work
>from home that has very low to no start up. I started my own
>business after being laid off and it cost me $500 total to get
>started. I made my $500 back within the first 60 days. I'd be
>happy to share them with you.
>Naima Lynah
>East Coast Green Energy

My business is one that you can start that will help you with the handful of people that you know and it will cost them nothing if they live in the NY, NJ, PA, MD and MA areas. You would be helping them to save on their electrical and help repair the environment at the same time. It's a great tool for Charities, Non-Profits, PTA's, Sport Teams, etc. I also have a different section working in the same area but with business. The commission on that is larger and requires a lot of cold calling but cost you absolutely nothing to get started. If your interested in either one or both then email me at

Naima Lynah
East Coast Green Energy