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67, wholesale fashions source
Posted by sdbridal, Tue Dec-12-06 12:54 PM
I have connections to wholesale fashions, if anyone needs clothing in bulks, let me know.

I currently own an online bridal store on ebay, under the seller name sdbridal, or you can go to it directly:

I have the resources, but just have a problem with marketing the goods. If anyone already has a market and needs goods, we can work together.

My resources are not limited to bridal gowns. I know of factories that sell ladies fashions, accessories (ie tiara, veils, gloves, slips etc) as well. However, these factories sell in bulk orders, so you should have a good source to consume it (ie a store of your own, or a distribution line that you are in) before consider ordering. Just my 2-cents...

you're welcome to contact me for questions.