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Posted by Dragon Dreams, Mon Apr-25-11 08:00 PM
Go to some local craft shows. As a shopper, you will see what is selling. If you go as a vendor (seller) bring samples of your work, and a book of photos of your past work. Many people will pick up your card and some may call as much as 6 mos. later with work.

You can also visit local clothing consignment shops. Ask to leave your business cards. Point out to the shop owner/manager that the store may make more sales to people who need items taken in.

Take out a small ad in the local paper.

Visit local material/craft stores. Ask about leaving a business card.

Many grocery stores have bulletin boards for local ads/sales/services. Leave a larger brochure there, with pull off numbers/cards. Check weekly to replace as needed.

I hope this will help you get started.:7