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580, help me
Posted by story, Fri Apr-17-09 11:51 PM



i am a girl from saudi arabia
and i want to open a small biz with designing t-shirt and jenez
also i am thinking to draw on handbags
i am good in photoshope and illustrator
and i wont to have the eastern touch
you know ,
i wanna buy somthig to painting on t-shirt Directly
and what is Tools and materials that i can use?

pleas give me sits to bay this things (painter-t-shirt-simply handbags-jenez)
anything can help !


I regret I am not fluent in English :7

thank u

594, RE: help me
Posted by jimkclifton, Wed Apr-29-09 06:14 AM
I know the perfect business to go along with your t-shirt business. Go to This is a very simple business that you can run from your computer and connect easily with people all over the world.

Good luck and have fun!