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525, RE: A Newbie searching for nice ways of making money?
Posted by DBeavers, Mon Feb-16-09 06:22 AM
Not knowing anything about you, your location (U.S. or elsewhere), you past work experience, education, skills, hobbies, leaves little to go on to know what to suggest. So, most responses will be what the poster is doing.

What works for me, may not be right for you at all.

You can search the internet for "home-based opportunities", but realize you'll need to investigate, check them out, ask questions of them, some of their current workforce (i.e. salespeople if that is what you are looking for), and then do more research.

For hundreds of ideas, you might want to check out and see the ideas submitted for the "Top 100 Home-Based Businesses for 2008". The winners as well as all business submissions are still posted.

Once you find a business that looks to have potential, you can use the criteria listed below to help evaluate the opportunity.

"There is no such thing as a perfect business endeavor simply does not exist--period!"

--Richard Kaeser, January 2, 2000

So what do you do?

You search for one that is as close as possible to perfection. Look for one you think is ideal for you, but by all means, investigate, investigate, investigate... regardless of overture!

Here then, is a list of prerequisites you should consider for evaluating and analyzing the potential of any new enterprise--
The ideal business...

NO Dealer Fees
NO Inventory
NO Delivering
NO Employees
NO Limited Territory
NO Sales Taxes

* requires no investment -- that makes it totally risk-free -- nothing to lose!

* has an unlimited, massive market with extraordinary growth possibilities and potential.

* is one you can test and try out before you make a commitment, not after its too late!

* provides you with products that are products that are purchased again and again by the same customer -- repeat orders a certainty!

* is one that gives you the opportunity to build a customer base that you will own -- it's called, EQUITY!

* has no franchise fees, no territory restrictions, no reports, no regulations -- total independence- freedom.

* has an exceptionally low overhead -- no significant cash expenditures, no investments in equipment, inventory, location -- no payroll -- no credit losses -- no loans -- no accounts receivable to carry.

* is free from government controls, regulations and can be relocated.

* provides unlimited income forever -- no quotas.

* gives you leverage -- the opportunity to multiply yourself.

* offers a variety of nationally recognized products at competition less prices!

* gives you negotiating authority to set your own selling prices!

* pays you commissions (without tax deductions) up front on a daily basis -- a good profit for the time expended.

* is one that offers you enthusiastic toll free daily telephone support from industry professionals and hours upon hours of video, introductory DVD, training seminars, trade shows -- continuous education in marketing strategies and techniques.

* Most important of all (and you probably don't realize it yet), it builds retirement equity for you... when the time comes, you can sell your business on the open market or give it to family members.

*is fun!

There you have it... apply these prerequisites to any business opportunity in the land -- it's the only way you're going to arrive at a thorough evaluation and assessment.

Good luck in finding the right opportunity for YOU!