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Posted by JulieJBC, Mon Sep-22-08 06:55 PM
Hi! I so know what you mean! I think I looked into every Network Marketing company out there before I decided "what to do with my life". :)

I offer Virtual Assistant Services. As part of my offerings I also design and manage multi-touch marketing campaigns using the services of a network marketing company. Yes, there are good MLMs in the world!

In addition to building a team and all that razzle dazzle (because, yes, there is good money to be made) I am treating my biz as a real marketing solution. Many of my clients don't even know that my cards are part of an MLM company, but those that do don't care one way or another as long as their customers get the message.

But, actually, my more "web savvy" clients have asked "how can I make money sending cards?" that's when I tell them about the Entrepreneur option and they too become a distributor like me.

Feel free to contact me about my card biz (Network Marketing) or starting your own Consulting Service as a Virtual Assistant.

I love to network!