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Posted by DBeavers, Tue Jul-08-08 11:43 AM
If you are looking to build a business and earn income from sales, why are you limiting your search to network marketing. Your options there after eliminating the pills, potions, and lotions is primarily travel, legal protection, reducing health care costs for families, pushing some gas mileage enhancer that may or may not work for the average person, and the financial info where you sign up people who pay for the info, who sign up others who pay, ad infinitum.

If you are open enough to consider b2b sales, the sheer volume of average orders should be reward enough to get and keep your interest.

That's been my full-time career for the past 21 years, working from my home, meeting the needs of business, industry, and gov't buyers for promotional advertising products. So far, there is no MLM or networking business model within this industry.

Good luck in finding the right opportunity to match your situation and needs.