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374, The Truth About Internet Marketing
Posted by djcmilton, Sun Jun-29-08 12:22 PM
The truth is that the vast majority of us internet marketeers are not making millions of dollars, so let?s not pretend as though we are. We are not living in ten bedroom beachfront houses. We are not driving exotic sports vehicles. The pictures that you see of those who are sporting those items are for the most part a farce. The truth is that we are trying to create enough residual income to live a comfortable life without the chains of our eight (or more) hour job. Hello! I?m Darren and I?m not writing this post to elaborate on the frustrations that the majority of us marketeers have experienced, but to share the information that?s helping me with anyone intrested . The truth is that if we handle our jobs as hobbys we won?t have them for long. The same holds true for internet businessess. Sometimes I think about how I got to where I did on the job - the work I had to do - the hours I had to put in - the attitudes I had to endure (if I was going to remain there), the colds, flu, and other physical challenges - if we handle our businessess in the same manner, we could make more than our jobs could ever offer - and that?s the truth!