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Posted by findingdetails, Thu May-07-09 05:11 AM
I have long tossed around the idea of my own business, still working on some ideas and now with gas prices climbing and climbing I was doing some thinking about how much money I really could save if I could work from home if I were able to earn an income to sustain my expenses. I am basically spending almost $100.00 a week just to get to and from work. If I could elimate my drive to work I could save 75% of this and only have the expense carting my son to school. Which would maybe cost me $25 a week. Granted I would have to invest in a high speed internet connection but still I could spend $150.00 a month on fuel and internet vs. the $400 a month I am spending in fuel.

I am tossing around some home business ideas, not really looking to invest in a "business opportunity" but rather maybe do some clerical or virtual assistant type jobs from home. I have some background and experience in this but I am not sure where to start or how much income I could potentially earn doing this, and would it be enough? I would like some feedback from anyone that has done this or is doing this type of work and an idea of what kind of income it has been generating for them.

With technology and the high cost of everything I really think if you can find a way to earn a decent income from home I really think it is the way to go. I would like the ability to be able to make $400-$600 a week. If I were to earn more than that it would be a bonus. Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!:D