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Posted by farmilo, Wed May-08-13 09:22 PM
Thank you for your questions.
This is an area I actually know something about.
To answer your first question, I have to ask you a few questions:
1) How much time do you realistically have available each day to work on your online business?
2) Would you prefer to get going with an online business that is very low cost, or almost completely free?
3) Do you have any money you can spend on your online business?
4) Are you prepared to take the time, at least one year, to build your online business? This will mean daily action for one year.
IF you are really wanting to find out what would match your passions and interests, skills, talents, and what bursts out from who you are, and put that into action, online, and build your financial alternative to whatever it is you are doing...I can help you.
Feel free to contact me.