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Posted by Lyn_inTN, Sun Apr-21-13 07:37 PM
Hi! I am so happy you asked about wanting to work online I did as well!
I opened an online designer jewelry and accessories boutique...
"The Pretty Peasant" and am having so much fun and I earn 25% commission on all my sales. And the best part is it's totally free!
We sell jewelry from top designers such as:
Jenny Bird-(modern/vintage)
Lara Hennessey
Ana Osgood
Sierra Bradely-Manic Trout
Bea Jaffe-Be-Je Designs
Aida Kibur-(classic and edgy)
Plus many more

Seen in top style magazines as
In Style, Glamour, Lucky

When you sign up to open a boutique you get to name and customize your own boutique/website, you get to curate/hand select 300 pieces of jewelry from the many renowned and new young up and coming designers from around the world and sell them at 60% off.
The headquarters does all the hard work like customer service and shipping all you do is share your boutique on social websites, facebook, twitter, pintrest ect...
Oh and anyone who signs up to be their own boutique owner from your website, you earn 15% of all their sales as well.

Interested? thought so!
So get shopping or at least get you own boutique!