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Posted by NaimaLynah, Wed Dec-08-10 03:42 AM
There are a lot of great answers on here and I'm sure by now you have chosen one or even two of them. I am going to throw my business in the mix anyway as someone else that is looking might chose to look into this.

The thing that I love about my business is that it helps to repair the environment. Also, I don't have to deal with stocking products, ordering and getting my clients to purchase month after month.

There is no fee for my customers to sign up, no monthly or yearly contracts and if they decide to switch back there is no cancellation fee or hidden fees that they will be hit with.

By their signing up, they are not only saving money but helping to repair the environment by using Green (wind and solar powered) Energy as opposed to the Brown (oil and coal) Energy that we are using now.

Our compensation plan is very good and your customer is your customer for life (unless they just stop paying their bills).

Right now we are servicing NJ, PA, MD and CT. We are completing our licensing process for NY, MA and IL with plans to launch after the new year. As we get licensed in each state, it allows my customer base to grow and grow and grow. I can do as little or as much as I want.

It is also a great vehicle to present to Non-Profits, Charitable Organizations, PTA's and all. It gives me the opportunity to present to groups and individuals. It's something that can be used by both Residential and Commercial so there isn't any area or group that is excluded.

You can check out my website to learn more and then email me with any questions.
Naima Lynah
East Coast Green Energy