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Posted by RonnieR, Wed Nov-10-10 03:04 PM
How About Distributing All natural products? Drop shipping is a huge plus. We have many lines of products to sell, the profit margin is much greater when dealing direct with a manufacturer. Weather it's our company or another.

Many companies now offer Drop shipping do some research on trendy or
necessity items. Shoes are always good on Ebay
At NLS inc.
We offer a full line of Organic and Natural fertilizers, Pet products, Cleaners and a fantastic alcohol free natural sanitizer (New):7 It is a great seller, we do not want to sell it on the Internet, only in stores, It is designed to be sold by the case. convenience stores, hair salons, gas stations, bowing alleys etc... sits on the counter for $2.99 retail..People Love it, has a very good profit margin %.

you can e-mail me for details @

Good Luck