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Posted by Mona-Vie, Thu Aug-13-09 08:50 AM
Hi Operator: I work from home as a distributor for Mona Vie. It works great for me. Now as for what "YOU' would be good at, Well, that would take a lot of Q & A or some time getting to know you so I'm not sure if anyone can really answer that question. BUT! let me ask you a question and if your answer is yes then you will know what you would be good at.

Lets say that you use a nutritional product and by doing so you feel healthier and better overall. Then one day you tell a friend or aquaintance about how this product makes you feel and they become interested.
So you take out the product and let them try some, maybe even give them a bottle to take home. Contact them in a few days to see how they are doing and chances are they will want some more of the product.

SO!...You use the product....Feel the benefits of using the product....and share it with others.

Can you do that?

If the answer is YES then you need to find a quality product from a quality company who provides all the personal support that you need to succeed.

Thats why I chose Mona Vie.