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Posted by Buddy60, Tue Aug-11-09 08:28 AM

I haven't read all the replies here, so please excuse me if I'm repeating something already said.:)

If you want to earn an income from a web site over the medium to long term, then I'd like to share a bit of my experience with you, and hopefully it'll be of benefit.

Consider starting and building your own online business - not just a web site (or blog). A business that generates free ever-growing traffic. And from my personal experience, a business that you can take time off from, but still have your income. Actually I haven't done a single thing to my site in 2 years, and yet my income stays the same.

I achieved this as result of a real do-able process, and tools.

Site Build It! offers such a process and the tools, and I receive tremendous training and support. Bottom line, you are not alone in building your online business.

I want to say that SBI! is not for everyone - there is a system and structure, and for anyone who does not like working within a structured environment, this is not a good fit.

If it is your plan to earn an income from the web... one of the modules in SBI! is called Monetize It! - this offers some great strategies on monetizing a site, plus there are over 100 articles just on a wide variety of monetizing, many of which offer techniques that actual SBIers have and are using with their sites.

Keyword research. Site Build It! has the Brainstormer module (recently upgraded to version 3) which is totally awesome! There's not enough space here for me to share what can be done with this module. In addition there is the Niche Choose It! module. Keyword research need not be a pain in the wazoo, with these tools.

A lot of people talk about the price of Site Build It! Thinking of the $299 in terms of hosting a web site, not even I could justify the price. But, if you consider paying $299 for your own online business, then it's a whole different picture.

There's not enough space here (and I'm tight on time ) to go into depth on what SBI! actually offers... I can mention there is the Action Guide (written and video), there is over 300 articles on practically every aspect of starting and running an online business (many written by people who have actually done, or are doing it), the Site Build It! forums, and SiteSell Support. The entire business building process leads you in the exact order that you should have it done in order to build a real business, not just a website.

I'm not here to make money, and there are no affiliate links, but you can have a look at this site: builditsitesellcom.

This is my sixth year with SBI!, and I can honestly say once you have everything in place, your business will just keeping ticking. That's what I discovered and you will too.

I hope this helps.

May you experience only the best that can be.