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Posted by DBeavers, Thu Jan-29-09 06:23 PM
Cheryl G,

You may not have to pay for the service. There are numerous boards and forums that will help you avoid many of the scams, schemes, and ill-advised bizopps promoted online currently.

One of those forums is where I am a moderator.

You can search both the current posts as well as archives for any business opportunity or "guru" promoting eveything from home-based business to "arm chair riches" and other GRQ (Get-Rich-Quick) programs.

You'll also find a listing of successful businesses there.

Another option is to visit . Look for their "Top 100 Home-based Business" 2008 contest and see the 1000+ businesses submitted. You may find just the business idea you are seeking.

No business is right for everyone, no matter what a particular or recruiter may say.