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Posted by SHOPTMT, Mon Nov-10-08 12:44 AM
Here's something to look
It's a fun way to Send Out a REAL Card from your computer...not an e-card...and make money! :7
No inventory! And, you can personalize the cards with your own words and download a picture!
Who doesn't like getting a REAL greeting card in the mail?
This is a great residual-income-for-life opportunity!
And, you can send out a card for FREE...on me! :D

Tis the Season...think businesses that you know that will need to Send Out Cards to their clients for the Holidays! You could show them how to personalize their cards with their own signature, without ever having to go to the store and buy a card or stamp again!

Be sure to watch the 2 videos and let me know what ya think about this great, residual building Biz Opp!