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Topic subjectlooking for biz opp idea's etc.
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451, looking for biz opp idea's etc.
Posted by Spacejockey, Thu Oct-30-08 11:20 PM
I am working on the 100 million dollar challenge and his FREE Videos, training and assignments are actually opening up more opportunitys and creating more ideas with each new task required.

competing within this challenge is paying off big time, not only with the knowledge learned but with the simple affiliate program he has created for all of us to make some fast money.

I'm meeting alot of great people and bouncing some ideas off each other as well. It's a great time to network and build long lasting relationships and perhaps maybe a jv with some of them as well, down the road? You never know.

Alot of fun and well worth the time put forth.

I hope this helps with things.

You can find something with alittle help from this Challenge, I am sure.

Best of Success,
want more info...