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Posted by k4satin, Sun Jul-06-08 07:42 PM
You mentioned that you would like to talk to someone who could help mold your interests into a good business fit. I think that is a great way to start out. I own two businesses, and I have created them both from my own skills and interests. I think it's a little harder to put your heart and soul into a made-to-order business, and you won't have nearly as much potential as with your own unique ideas.

A couple of resources that may be able to help you refine your own business ideas are Creative Urge(, and Derek Gehl ( Don't worry - I don't get any affiliate benefits or anything from either. I receive Derek Gehl's free newsletters, and find that he offers really good advice. A colleague recommended Creative Urge to me.

Good luck developing your own business idea!

- Kristin