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Posted by voddies, Sun Jun-01-08 12:33 AM
Hi there

I am not sure what it is that you are looking for really or how much time you have... But I am involved in a very exciting business online business that in itself does not take much time to promote. But you need to get to know it by attending one or two business training sessions so that you are up to speed and get interaction from other members.

I have found it to be really rewarding for my fiancÚ and me.

Like any other business, there is an initial joining fee of $199.97 but that is the only fee and then it's a matter of boosting your business in any way you possibly can think of and remain active.

It's in short a gaming platform - you receive with your registration a business building site with all the yummies you need plus a gaming platform where people can play for free, challenge their friends and even run tournaments. You don't even need to be a game fundi to do this either...

I could go on for HOURS about this as I am very passionate about it all due to the way it has changed my life... In the mean time... go have a look for yourself and make the choice.

If you need anything else, you are welcome to email me

Hope this helps in your search!!!