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Posted by sovpounds, Sun Apr-16-17 11:48 PM
I previously lived and did business in the United Kingdom. Now I am a co-founder of Cashback Marketing Inc. Our headquarters is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are a subsidiary of Unicorn Network, an internet firm that is about to change the world by ensuring complete privacy and security on the internet.

The aim of Cashback Marketing Inc (CBM) is to enable millions of people around the world who have no marketing experience to earn money on the internet. We do this by utilizing the services of marketing experts. Interested participants buy marketing units for $30 each, all the money generated from marketing units sold to participants is placed in our Special Marketing Pool (SMP). Our marketing experts use the money in the SMP to cover upfront marketing costs of marketing selected products like e-commerce products. These upfront marketing costs include advertising, press releases, video shoot. These are costs that must be incurred before products are sold. When these products are sold a percentage of the sales revenue is shared among everyone who bought marketing units and placed them in the SMP. It would be shared according to the number of marketing units that were purchased. This would be paid as commission. It is our aim to turn each $30 marketing unit to $90 of commission within 120 - 180 days.

This is the perfect business for the millions of people around the world who have no marketing or business experience. They use their money to buy as many marketing units as they can afford, and qualified marketing experts use their money to work for them while they sit back and enjoy their commissions. In effect you have become an employer for just $30 because the marketing expert is working for you and is your employee.

Our website is Sign up on our website and discover that you can earn US Dollars on the internet irrespective of your qualification and where you live on this earth. For enquiries send a WhatsApp message to +2348026431892 or send an email to or ask your questions here and I would answer them so that the whole world would benefit.