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Topic subjectWell-established sewing website up for grabs
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275, Well-established sewing website up for grabs
Posted by in4formation55, Sun Mar-09-08 12:40 PM
Running this website would be a great job for a SAHM interested in crafts and sewing. was created by a fiber arts enthusiast and author in 2005. All content is original, and there are many projects, articles and tools that appeal to many sewing enthusiasts. A template comes with the site, and there are designated areas to include Google and ads, as well as other paid advertisers.

In 2005, when I had more time to work with the site, it generated approx $1200/mo in ad revenue. If someone has the time to work more with the content and keep it fresh, the revenue is limitless. has a good name in the sewing industry. Over 50 other sites link to, and it is well spoken of in online forums and webrings. You could add a blog, RSS feeds, forums, and so much more.

The site's auction is at: