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270, Hi everyone.
Posted by Susan, Thu Mar-06-08 12:59 PM
My name is Susan. I just started taking distance learning. I need some help with my presentation on Digifast. I am actually here to try to get some ideas for a final project that I am working on for my business comunications class. Any ideas would be greatly appericate it.

River View Plaza includes a lobby with a security desk and several suites on all four floors. DigiFast occupies a typical suite that includes offices for managers, full-sized cubicles for employee workstations, a conference room, and restrooms. There is a break room with a refrigerator and a microwave, but, unfortunately, the break room is on the first floor, and DigiFast is on the third floor.

DigiFast is new and growing fast. The company needs more employees, but the operating budget will not allow for it presently. Meanwhile, the goal is to make the operations efficient while keeping the current employees happy. You think one way to achieve this goal is by attracting outside services to the building.

The other businesses in the building are similar in size to DigiFast but focus on markets other than software: a dentist, a young lawyer, and an insurance company. The building also has several spaces not yet rented. At capacity, the building can accommodate approximately 1,300 people.

The location of River View Plaza is ideal, and the size of the office is adequate. However, the owners of the building supply space but little else in the way of service. The entrepreneurial spirit in you views this as a golden opportunity to attract a new service for DigiFast and other companies in the building.

Your task is to convince your colleagues, manager, the owner of DigiFast, and the building management company your service has great potential and would be useful for your company?s employees and others in the building. A committee of key individuals will make the decision to move forward . . . or not. The committee consists of the following:

Charlotte Alexander, the founder and owner of DigiFast. She has a master?s degree in computer engineering and has spent 20 years working in IT industries. Charlotte is interested in efficiency and company growth.

Mark Jackson, your manager: Mark was recently recruited from a major video marketing company. He has an MBA from a prestigious university and two years? work experience. Mark cares about the bottom line?he favors creativity as long as profit does not suffer.

Stacie Matthews, computer programmer: Stacie is currently working on her undergraduate degree in computer programming. She has extensive experience in developing video games but wants to finish her education to advance in this industry. Stacie is practical and creative.

Dave Martinez, graphic designer: Dave is a self-taught graphic artist who has won numerous awards for his designs. He is imaginative and innovative.

Steve Taylor, facilities manager: Steve is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day maintenance of the building, as well as renting available space to companies compatible with the businesses in the building. Although he is friendly and easygoing, Steve expects a job to be done right.

My task is to choose a service that think would be useful for DigiFast and most employees in the building. Remember: The goal of the service is to increase efficiency of operations and/or keep the current employees happy. As I think about the argument I will ultimately present to the committee, consider the different needs and personalities of the five committee members I have to persuade. All of the committee members have to agree on your service. I also need to anticipate any objections they might have as well as ways I can overcome those objections.