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Topic subjectopening an online pet store and need cheap manufacturers
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26, opening an online pet store and need cheap manufacturers
Posted by peluditoscorner, Thu Sep-28-06 06:32 AM
HELLO and God bless
I'm going to be opening an online pet store ( I create my own pet clothing line) plus I sell carriers, beds, houses, jewlery and more! But I live in Puerto Rico and here we pay really high prices for shipping costs so I thought about creating my own unique line of beds and pet houses so I can offer great products, great prices and can compete in a market that charges pet lovers too much for pet luxuries :)
So what I'm looking for is for someone willing to take a chance on my business and my line but that can work with excellence and professionalism but without charging too much for his/her work and craftmanship...I understand that we all deserve a fare salary and I don't want to rob or abuse but the truth is I simply can't pay too much and I won't be making too many pieces may be just one of each ( for starters) but if everything goes well and I can open a market for my product line here in PR, I will need a manufacturer that will work on my line for as long as my business is open -hopefully for many many years if God gives me His blessing :)

If you are that someone or know of someone who woud be willing to help me out as I start out , check out my website ( it is still under construction so please bear with me will looke better :) and contact me ok ? :)
God bless -peludito's corner