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Posted by DBeavers, Sat May-15-10 06:14 AM
With a 'soft launch' in April and pre-launch May 5th, I don't suppose you have much history on how they pay.

I checked them out on a couple different forums and see where they offered a gas card program.

Two major processors that tried the month gas card program in past years failed as they couldn't generate enough profits to pay for the gas. Gasoline has a much lower markup (profit margin) than almost any other retail product in the U.S. As a matter of fact, the U.S. government and states make more off fuel taxes than either the refineries or the retailers.

With so little profits, it's hard to cover the cost of the free gas cards, causing the successful programs to collapse from any fast growth.

Furniture stores, car dealers, and others participated in retail gas card giveaways a couple years ago and received a lot of bad PR when the fulfillment centrers stopped processing the monthly gas car/credit claims.

As long as you don't have to pay any monthly fee to participate, at least you aren't at risk of losing money. But, I'd be hesitant to sign-up any friends or family that you want to stay on good terms with if the Society fails.

Dennis Bevers