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479, RE: Seeking Legitimate Business Opportunities!
Posted by simplysunny, Mon Dec-29-08 05:09 PM
Hello Nicole,

My name is Sandra Barnes. I read your message and understand fully what you are going through. I am an Accountant where I work at currently but had to find another income to supplement my income because of health reasons. The business that I joined is YTB which stands for Your Travel Buiness. I joined a year ago and don't regret not one minute of it. Check out my website at and tell me what you think. Also, we have a Christmas special going on until January 10, 2009. You can join for $250.00 and you have the option of upgrading. When you log on to my site, click on the Coach's Christmas special and you can read all the details. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. SEE YOU AT THE TOP!