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442, RE: Seeking Legitimate Business Opportunities!
Posted by SHOPTMT, Tue Oct-21-08 01:37 AM
Good Morning!
I haven't been back for awhile...thought I'd drop in to see how Nickcole is doing?? I sent you a suggestion back in Feb. to look up turned out to be very Little Crumbs for me! Sorry!

Since then, my partner & I opened an upscale Home Decor Resale Store! Yep, Brick & Mortar! It's my 6th Brick & Mortar Biz over the last 25 yrs, and I had forgotten how hard that was, too! x(

But, because the economy is suffering right now, it has picked up and gaining momentum! We don't carry clothes or electronics and such, just high end Furniture & Decor. Makes for a new concept here in Florida! :P

With any Retail Biz tho, there is downtime, and I can't sit still very long! So, I've been out looking again to supplement my income! I did find a great sideline Biz that you may be interested in! AND, it could grow into full time and replace my store someday! :7

It's called "Send Out Cards"! I like it because it's fun, no inventory, and a great residual opportunity! And, could pretty much be run from a lap top in an RV! Have you heard of it? The guy that turned me on to it is making $1000.00/wk after just 9 mos.! Now, he's a hustler, so you can't judge by that...but, perhaps you & I could surpass him! That's the beauty of this Biz! And, it sure is FUN sending out cards that are nicer and cheaper than Walmart!

The company is 80% owned by American Greetings & Hallmark!! We have our own website, so go to and check it out! I'm the blond on the left! ;)

Sign in and send a "Greeting", "Birthday", "Inspirational" or "Love You" card to anyone you like...ON ME!!

My phone number is listed if you want to call me, too!

Anyway, I hope you check it out, and Best of Luck to whatever you decide to do!

God Speed!