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295, RE: Seeking Legitimate Business Opportunities!
Posted by onerockinnurse, Mon Mar-31-08 06:42 AM
Hi Nicole,

I'm Jana Enos and do work from home full-time in the health and dental benefits field... I do this fulltime and before this I worked as a Licensed Nurse here in the State of California..

I'll copying and pasting an AD that I use when I'm advertising online for Indpendent Business Owners to join my team...
If it sounds like something you may enjoy or even excel at you can do as the AD states and visit my site and read up on what we do and how we do it..

If you do decide you'd like additional information to read up on about us and the details of how we get paid and the like, you can request an interview on this site as well and my system will send you 4 emails that will give you ALL the info on us as well as getting started..

One note: Yahoo! has been rejecting emails and they are not getting thru or even into the BULK folder over there, so if you do decide to proceed with requesting a phone interview you will have to use an email other than Yahoo! at this time.. Have a great day and you'll know when the time is right and when you've found the right business for you.. Just never stop looking til you find the best fit!

We are a 16 year old company, specializing in Affordable Healthcare programs. We are a member of the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce, The Consumer Health Alliance and National Association of Dental Plans. We are looking for full time or part time Independent Contractors to Telecommute from their location of choice.

Our Industry Specialty is helping those who have been previously denied Healthcare coverage due to pre-existing conditions, age limitations or simply an inability to qualify or afford quality Healthcare. Our plans are also a great employee benefit plan alternative for which we market to to small businesses as well.

Our niche in the Healthcare Industry is so vast that we are in need of quality individuals who enjoy helping others as well as making a very good living while doing so.......

Headquartered in the US, our Dunn and Bradstreet listed company has been serving its clients since 1992. Due to the growing health care crisis in the US, we are expected to grow to be a company with revenues of over $1 billion in the next few years. Because of our uniqueness in the marketplace we are positioned to take full advantage of the biggest demand for supplemental health care ever.

What Our Company offers:
* Excellent Pay
* 401K Plan
* Great benefits package
* Work Part-time or Full-time
* All necessary training provided as well as ongoing support

What Our Company requires:
* Serious commitment
* Determination to succeed
* Positive attitude
* Ability to accept instructions
* Access to the Internet

Our company provides Free healthcare programs for your entire household, 401K Plan, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, flexible hours part-time or full-time, and outstanding tax deductions.

Employment Type: 1099 Contract Position
Pay Frequency: Commission 30% Which is Paid: Daily, Monthly Bonus & Residual Pay as well
Work Hours: Self-Paced, Requires 10 ? 20 hr per week minimum.

Only looking for serious individuals who want to make a decent income and to build a very successful career from home.

** Please NOTE: Not currently accepting emails from YAHOO! email accounts**

To request an interview please visit us online at: and complete the area: "REQUEST AN INTERVIEW".

After doing so, you will immediately receive 4 emails for which you are to carefully review and which will give you detailed information on our company, the positions available as well as the benefits and compensation package available to you as an Independent Contractor with our company. You will be contacted within 24-48 hours for a telephone interview.