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265, RE: Seeking Legitimate Business Opportunities!
Posted by wendy, Mon Mar-03-08 08:15 PM
 I seem to have some health issues too and cannot hold down a
job right now due to a car accident. I also am looking for a
way to "keep a roof over my head" and have been
looking for good home  based business opportunities. I have
found one that I am really excited about. I love to save money
and have saved a substantial amount on groceries, travel,
dining out, you name it. I'ts been great. There is a small
start up fee, as with anything. I am very skeptical but I have
definitly saved WAY more than I spend. The best part is that
it ends up paying for itself. I have made money from the deal
too, and helped others save money. It's really simple. Check
it out at