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Posted by patti, Wed Feb-06-08 02:37 PM
Hi Nickcole,

I have found a great home business and I'd like to share it with you.
Just like you, I'd looked for a couple of years and when I came across this I just knew it was for me. The company is Ameriplan.

This maybe something you'd like to look into, this month there's a Promotion and you can SAVE $70 on Enrollment!!

Here's some brief info:

Ameriplan is the nations largest discount health benefits provider with 2 million members nationwide saving up to 80% off their health needs. We were founded 15-years ago so we have been around for a while.

There are 2 positions and you are trained for both.
The first opportunity you have to make money is by enrolling people who want to save money with our benefit packages. The second opportunity to make money is by enrolling people who want to work from home. We train you how to do both 100% online and through phone training calls.

Ameriplan offers:
Dental, Prescription, Vision, Chiropractic for our entire household.
Paychecks issued on a daily basis
Residual Pay
Free training and constant support
And more...

Here's some VERY GOOD NEWS. For the month of February, Ameriplan
has CUT the enrollment fee from $95 to ONLY $25!!

This includes the startup kit, which comes with $50 certificate to get supplies to get started.

Because this is a business, there is a monthly overhead fee of $50.
But as you work the business, this is not be an out-of-pocket expense to you.

For more details checkout my website

Contact me via email or phone

I hope this is a good fit for you
Take Care