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253, RE: Seeking Legitimate Business Opportunities!
Posted by SHOPTMT, Tue Feb-05-08 04:07 AM
Wow, it seems you are going to have to go to "work" by way of the internet! I agree there are NOT very many legitimate businesses out there that I could find! :-( I'm still looking! I did just join Big Crumbs (you can check out my web site and profile!). Good FREE Biz, but slow for making the BIG Crumbs! I'm just trying to gather all the Little Crumbs I can & hope someday they turn into BIG Crumbs! You know...multiple streams of income!!

It appears with your background tho, that you should be able to start up a web site and offer an on-line Consulting firm?? Or, Recruiter web site? There are lots of folks out there needing direction! ;)
And, are willing to pay for it!

Anyway, much luck & God Bless!

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