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250, RE: Seeking Legitimate Business Opportunities!
Posted by Roseb441702, Tue Jan-15-08 01:21 PM
Well the first thing that comes to mind is you using adsense. Adsense lets you place ads on your website or blog and you get paid when visitors to your site click on the ads. Now here is a link to a blog post about how much money people are making with adsense:

In order to be able to use adsense you will have to have a website or blog first and you have to submit it to them so that they can review and approve it.

It also sounds like you want to be able to work for someone else from your home. So far I only know of two companies that I would recommend and I give them to my clients upon request. Other than those two there aren't any others that I would really recommend.

I'm always in favor of one starting one's own business and so far the best piece of advice that I have seen for those that want to start their own business and start to make money as quick as possible is to start a business showing people how they can either make money or save money. Another good piece of advice for starting a business that makes money is for you to find a need and fill it.

You'd be amazed at the number of businesses that people have started online that are legitimate businesses!