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Topic subjectBusiness Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
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217, Business Opportunity - Have you been ripped off?
Posted by markbebout, Thu Nov-01-07 11:35 AM
Hi all,

This is my first post on this site. I have a new online business that is providing professional reviews of work at home opportunities. Our goal is to become the most trusted, unbiased source available for people evaluating a business opportunity.

Many opportunities make big promises that are unrealistic. Because many of these so-called opportunities mask what it is they do, it can be hard for someone to really know if it is worth the investment or not. We are building a database of these companies and provide it to our readers at no cost.

We are looking for folks who have purchased into a business opportunity (past or present) and are willing to share their experiences with us so that we can provide an honest evaluation of the opportunity. Your identity will remain completly anonymous.

Please contact me if you are willing to share your experience.


Mark Bebout